Gunakeshari Pradhan Manandhar is Nepal’s first female computer engineer. Pradhan, who has contributed to Nepal’s IT sector for 35 years, has worked in Nepal Telecom and government institutions for about 31 years.

He started his career as a computer engineer at Nepal Telecom. Pradhan is motivating young people and women to make a career in the ICT sector.

She is also active in various information technology related public awareness programs and basic computer courses. Pradhan is currently the President of Women in Information Technology and a member of CAN Federation.

Prior to this, she has also worked as a director of Nepal Telecom. Pradhan is currently retired from Nepal Telecom.

He is also a life member of Pradhan Nepal Engineering Association and Mitra Kunj. Gunakeshari Pradhan is a name that comes to mind as soon as you take the name of a Nepali woman in IT. Pradhan had spent her childhood in Bhaktapur.

After SLC, she was admitted to Pulchowk Campus to do Architectural Engineering. But his interest was to do something in the computer field. That interest made him the first computer engineer in Nepal.

She went to Ukraine on a scholarship to study for a master’s degree in science and computer engineering. Pradhan, who returned to Nepal from Ukraine in 2042 BS as a computer engineer, was appointed as a seventh level engineer on the same day she went to visit the office of Nepal Telecom.

She started her career in Telecom by computerizing telephone payments and worked in system analysis and operations, software development.

Pradhan also supervised the expansion of GSM mobile and internet in Nepal. She is currently retired from telecom services. Prior to this, she was the Manager of Operations and Maintenance Department at Telecom.

Pradhan was sometimes the spokesperson and sometimes the head of the department. “We need you immediately on the day you go to the office to see what opportunities there are in Nepal Telecom. You were given the appointment letter in half an hour today. Then the career started in the telecom company, ‘she said.

At the age when women can enter the business sector aggressively, they have to be confined to the home due to domestic problems like getting married, taking care of the house, taking care of the children etc.

For the first time, his group worked as a microcomputer in Nepal Telecom Company. His group also developed a computerized billing system.

After the software came on the market, there was a major criticism that the work was more effective than the manual than the computer.

But Pradhan’s team continued to work on the system, the results of which we can see now. Pradhan also has a key role to play in implementing pre-paid system in Nepal Telecom.

Even now, she is continuously motivating women to make a career in the ICT sector by establishing Kriyasil Pradhan Women in IT in the ICT sector.

CAN, Mitra Kunj and other social sectors are also involved in major information technology related public awareness programs and training programs.

Having traveled for 3 decades in the field of ICT, she has become a source of great inspiration for Nepali women and students.

Earlier, Keshari Pradhan was awarded the Ncell Woman Icon ICT Award 2021 for her outstanding contribution to information technology in Nepal.

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